Cheshire Cat's Grin

About Amy Cherie Copeland

I am a late bloomer.
I am a recovering overachiever.
I am a lover, not a fighter.
I am at once diplomatic and controversial.
I am a nurturer and healer.
I am the artist and writer of my own life.

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Almost 10 years ago I turned my life upside down. I divorced my first husband, divorced my corporate career, and vowed to dedicate my life to living adventurously every day.  The Cheshire Cat’s Grin is my place to share my expedition into the daily unknown.

The Lewis Carroll fantasies Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There served as my primary inspiration for the creative theme of this site. These stories are rich with subtext on everything from theoretical mathematics to manifestation to life as a metaphorical journey. Throughout the site I’ve sprinkled quotes from a few other sources I find profound or inspiring as well.

What to Expect from My Blog

I like to write about the journey of life – yours, mine, everyone’s, the meaning of it or lack thereof. Usually I’ll keep it on the lighter side, but once in a while I might post about something that ignites my passions. My art projects will be featured regularly as well. Most of all, expected the unexpected, because that’s what makes life such a great adventure.

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