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Travel Advisory

I was searching for something to amusing to post and stumbled across some pictures I took with my cell phone this past summer when Charlie and I traveled to Panama City for a job he did.

We stayed in a recently renovated motel where we got a great deal on a room, but I found one aspect of their room presentation a little strange. On the headboard of each of the room’s double beds, was a sticky note with a message. When I examined the notes more closely, I found the “folksy-friendly” handwriting was actually pre-printed. Since cleanliness is a basic expectation of hotel guests, it seemed odd they felt the need to make such an effort to tell me this. I couldn’t resist the urge to leave them a response:

Motel Sticky Notes – Not So Reassuring

My response on the right is a little hard to read. It says, “I would hope so!”

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