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I Said “No”

I read this poem at the Chamblin’s Uptown Open Mic tonight.

I Said “No”

It’s tough, the stuff
We go through, ya know?
Nah, I’m not talkin’ about the pain
Of childbirth – That’s lame,
Compared to the insane
Way we have to live,
Afraid to give
For fear of being taken!
When I was four
I knew for sure
I wanted to be a boy
So I could pee standin’ up.
And I was right
‘Cuz now at night
I can’t go out
Without feelin’ uptight.

At noon he drove up askin’
“Where’s the restroom?”
It was just him, me,
And some cars in that lot,
And I fought him off alone …
Back at home you said,
“Get some rest,”
Not long before you held
Me down and bit my breast.
Did you think I should be
Flattered when you approached me?
You encroached me when I was
Shattered inside, and I
Didn’t have the strength or heart
To struggle when you
Forced my legs apart.
But I said, “No.”

That’s okay, I survived,
And I know how to stay alive.
But inside it kills me, it ills me,
Makes me wanna’ beat the
Darkness back. You won’t dent
My soul today, the way you spent
My innocent youth.
No recompense enough
For the hurt you did to me.

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