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A Facebook Fast

Facebook Vain FGBI’ve been on a special regimen of fasting this week, only it’s not food I’m doing without, it’s Facebook.

It wasn’t really something I planned.  My Facebook Fast started this past Saturday, March 9, after I saw a status update I had been anxiously anticipating. Once I saw the news that my friend’s recovery from surgery was going well, a great relief to me, I suddenly had no use for Facebook.  I’ve been going through a reclusive phase, anyway, so why not see if I could do without it for a few days?

Today, when I share this post, will be the first time I’ve been on Facebook since then. I can’t say I’ve missed it much. I also can’t say I’ve been any more productive as a result of my fast. But I have been reading a lot more books lately, so I think that’s where the time is going. Not a bad trade.

This morning, a little poem percolated up to the surface of my consciousness. I was inspired to give a lighthearted voice to all the things we love to hate about Facebook.

Facebook Blues

What can I do
If I miss the you
I used to know?
Before MySpace
You came to my place,
But now it’s just Facebook Blues.

A status update,
“Here’s what I ate,”
All these opinions
Swirling in cyber-air,
Is it fair?
No, I got the Facebook Blues.

There’s no guarantee
Of my privacy.
My employer thinks
He has the right
To judge my site,
So I got the Facebook Blues.

I enjoy knowing
Which friends are going
To the latest event.
I say, “Maybe,”
But don’t go, ‘cause baby,
I got the Facebook Blues.

Who liked my status?
Why all this madness
Over rhetorical, invective
Discussion of memes?
These derivative themes
Give me the Facebook Blues.

Did I get enough
“Likes” to rebuff
This feeling of inadequacy?
Pictures of babies
And food you ate lately,
They give me the Facebook Blues.

“Sign my petition!”
“Support my ambition!”
Who will I be
Without my friends,
In the end?
That’s why I got the Facebook Blues.



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One thought on “A Facebook Fast

  1. Laura Morey

    Loved this!! I thought I hadn’t seen anything from you on FB, so I checked on here! I am reposting this, because I really liked it. Maybe we should all try a little FB Fasting!

    Keep up the good work!


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