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The Law of Attraction

Attracting the Right People

Recently I met a fellow blogger with an uncannily similar experience. She, too, had experienced a tumultuous 2012. In December, like Charlie and me a few months before, she had made a decision to uproot from Florida to live with a close friend from 7th grade in South Carolina.

Like us, she discovered it was an incompatible living arrangement, largely because her friend was drinking too much and was operating at a lower, darker level than her spirit could tolerate. Like us, she had returned after two months, depleted of funds but ready to get back on track with her life.

We have felt so isolated at times because we didn’t know anyone with a similar experience. At least not anyone over 30. Though the odds might seem long for us to meet our new friend, they really aren’t, because the Law of Attraction brings us those people and experiences which share our current vibration. We’ve been seeking kindred spirits, so it’s only natural we found each other.

Sometimes, as in the following example, the Law of Attraction works more immediately and powerfully. Especially if you have strong, longstanding ties to someone.

The Trickster Returns…

The other night Charlie and I were at Chamblin’s Uptown, visiting with our new friend. Her experience being more recent than ours, she was still processing her feelings about her friend in South Carolina who let her down. She began asking us about our sojourn in New York, how we felt about our friend. And after months of silence on the issue, we spoke about it.

Our conversation was intense. We instinctively tried to summarize, rather than spill all the many incidents which contributed to our frustration and anger at that time. There was a lot more going on internally with us than we dared to say aloud.

Then, about 25 minutes into the conversation. Charlie got a text message — from The Trickster himself!

“Yo so how long is this silent treatment going 2 last? [My sister] is @ my place now – U & Amy R welcome 2 visit stay anytime”

“This is a good reason not to talk about him,” I remarked. After a few seconds of quiet, someone changed the subject.

But Not for Long!

The Trickster got his answer – it’s not over yet — from our silence. We chose not to feed that which harms us.

When Charlie and I left New York last summer, we vowed, to ourselves and each other, not to look back.  We left because we were miserable and knew we could not thrive in that environment — why would we want to relive it?

If anything, we’d like to remember the good things we were able to find amidst the chaos of living with an alcoholic, but even that nostalgia has high odds of attracting the person we left. Because we had been very close to The Trickster at one time in our lives, and Charlie for a very long time, that person’s energy will be forever linked to ours no matter what.

Heartbreaking as it was to make the decision to come home to Jacksonville, it is not healthy for us to attract him back into our lives now. Even as I write this, I’m praying the Universe will make allowances for my motives in sharing this story.

I can forgive The Trickster’s intrusion into our Chamblin’s chat. He was just a gentle reminder that we’re already headed onward and upward, so we’d better stay focused on the positive people, feelings and things we want to attract into our lives.




2 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction

  1. Charles Beyer

    One goes to a friend to build good things, a symbiotic synergistic boost, not enter a life of servitude. Losing a friend to a cancerous drug that eats the heart out of people was last thing we expected. Yes, alcohol, that legally obtainable recreational high beverage, if abused, creates a world of hurt feelings, misunderstandings and oh yeah memory loss. Dealing with anyone having memory issues alone is difficult, especially for a business venture. There were few professional aspects to this, we were naive, a little too desperate for a change and the prospect of new work up north looked good. Did make a little and got to perform in my home state at a fine Welsh tavern some Dylan, Beatles and an original tune. Had backing from band that one night for All Along the Watch Tower. There were good times, old friends seen first time in decades, but back here is better. Already seeing the love and came back with greater appreciation. Since we’re sharing :-)

  2. Carmen

    Beautifully written. I guess I didn’t think about the “text” when it happened because I wasn’t sure how long it had been since you all had spoken. When people psychically connect with me I tell them they’ve tapped into the PFN or Psychic Friends Network. My very close friends know it so well if I send a text, call or email them and they were thinking of me at the same time they will just respond “PFN”. Here’s another example…last night I was at Amber’s. After I left I drove past my x’s old place just for the heck of it. When I got home I received a FB message from him. Haven’t heard from him since May. *sighs* I think I need to hire a network admin. <3 you guys

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