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Clean Up After Your Dog!

People, please clean up after your dog relieves itself on my lawn, or any other place I might go walking!

Why are we always wearing new shoes when we step in dog poo?

Why are we always wearing new shoes when we step in dog poo?

I love pets — cats preferred, but dogs are fun, too. I think it’s great to live in a neighborhood that’s pretty pet-friendly. Many of our restaurants even let people bring their dogs for outdoor dining.

Another thing I love about our neighborhood is it’s great for walking. There are miles of walkable streets, acres of parks, and plenty of other pedestrians to watch.

Unfortunately, one thing that dampens my enthusiasm from time to time is that I have to constantly watch for poo-poo land mines. I’m not talking about on others’ lawns, where I have no business walking, but on the sidewalks and public right-of-ways.

I don’t ever seem to catch anyone in the act of not cleaning up. Therefore, I’ve concluded people who don’t clean up after their dogs are sneaky and know they are doing something wrong. Sometimes it makes me a little crazy.

About a year ago, a neighbor in my building got a little lazy about picking up after her dog did his morning poop on the front lawn. There was no question my neighbor and her dog were the culprits. Each morning, I could hear them lumber down the stairs at Zero Dark-Thirty, stand outside the front door, and return a few minutes later, but I could never drag myself out of bed in time to catch them in the act.

I had attempted to resolve the problem with a discreet note on her door. The neighbor copped to the crime and promised to do better, but was apparently only giving me lip service. Since my diplomacy was ineffective with my neighbor, I felt I had no other recourse but to call her out on her Christian principles.

The sign is a little hard to read in the picture. It says:

What would Jesus do?

What would Jesus do?

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” ~ Jesus Christ, Matthew 25:40.
Really, is this what you would do for Christ? (arrows point down at tell-tale poop pile)

Another time, my son Chris parked his car in the back yard of our building and stepped out directly onto a fresh pile of poo, wearing a brand new pair of shoes. To make matters worse, Charlie rushed to help him by offering bleach to clean the shoe, which resulted in clean, but bleach stained, new shoes! :/

Feeling frustrated that someone was allowing their dog to defile our yard, and not being able to catch the sneaky bastard, I resolved to send a strong message:

Instant karma's gonna get ya.

Instant karma’s gonna get ya.

Sometimes it makes me a lot crazy.



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