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A Room of Her Own

"A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction."  ~ Virginia Woolf

For me, Woolf’s words apply to any kind of creative work. She contributes to an ongoing conflict in my tiny household, which consists of a bedroom, a multi-purpose room, a narrow galley kitchen and a bathroom. Our small place isn’t always big enough for the two of us.


3 p.m. Monday

Charlie: I’m going to Georgia tomorrow to do another site inspection.

Me: Yay! Mo’ money and Me Time. (That’s what I call my creative recharging time when I need to be apart from all other beings, including my spouse. Especially my spouse.)


9 a.m. Tuesday

Me: Hey, wake up. Aren’t you supposed to go to Georgia today?

Charlie: Yep, I can be out of here by 11.

Me: Promise?


10:45 a.m. Tuesday

Me: What are you doing? Don’t you still have to take a shower?

Charlie: Yeah, yeah. Just a minute. I’m burning a CD of my latest mixes to take on the road with me.

Me: <TAPPING fingers on table while taking a long, deep breath.>


11:00 a.m. Tuesday

Me: It’s 11.

Charlie: Almost ready.

Me: Really?


 11:15 a.m. Tuesday

Charlie: If you give me the list I can go to the store on my way home.

Me: Hmmmm….last time you lost the list. Can I trust you?

Charlie: <CROSSING fingers.> Promise, I won’t lose it.

Me: Wait, on the other hand, if you go to the store you’ll take longer to get home. OK, here’s the list.


Charlie’s actual departure time: 11:26 a.m.




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