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Some Thoughts On Children, Holiday Shopping, and the Meaning of Christmas

This is the last of my “old” blogs, published on Facebook, December 25, 2012.

Children in general are open, curious, good-hearted, respectful and agreeable to positive redirection when you need to steer them away from the breakables. Until the last 3 days before Christmas. Then they are not so compliant.

Who can blame them? They are being dragged around for hours and hours shopping for endless gifts. They aren’t allowed to touch or explore anything that might look enticing. They are made to dress up and stand in a long line to meet Santa, who can be a very scary guy to some little ones.

I watched many parents model generosity and thoughtfulness as they shopped with their children, and that is a good thing. But I also think children could teach us a little about what’s really important:

+ When you’re tired, you need to rest.

+ When you’re hungry, you should eat.

+ When you have to go potty, it’s no good to have to hold it too long.

+And when you’ve been working a lot, you need to stop and play a little.

To me, what Christmas is really about is celebrating the birth of the Christ-light in all of us, the power of unconditional love. No holiday or social obligation or gifting ritual should be important enough to stop you from being loving to yourself and your family.


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