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A Combination Burger – Sushi Joint?


Charlie and I were coming back from Gainesville on Sunday and passed through the joyful town that is Starke. Along the way, we spotted this sign:

Why, oh why, did Checkers go out of business if sushi was coming soon?

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2 thoughts on “A Combination Burger – Sushi Joint?

  1. Chris Paige

    Uh, ooook – that’s a weird connection, yes? I’d never put sushi and Checkers together – they’re not even in the same vocabulary list! LOL
    Seriously though, we had a place in Macon, GA called NuWay. Checkers must have been first cousin cuz the food was exactly the same. We called it the constipation cure… !!

  2. amycherie120 Post author

    When we first saw the sign I didn’t realize the Checkers was closed. I was cracking up laughing, wondering how a burger joint was adding sushi to the menu.

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